Restoring Communities With Righteous Unity


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About the Founder

Keith E Mitchell-Burnette founded our organization, Resources Empowering the United Restoration Network, Inc., to feed his passion for understanding and combating poverty and unemployment in America. 

Keith, a proud son of an American mother and West African father, spent the summer in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa when he was 14. His experiences during that visit with his international businessman father inspired his entrepreneurial dream of serving and helping the community

For more than 20 years, Keith has been a freelance student of Biblical prosperity and community poverty. Keith’s inspiration for the organization is a product of his knowledge and experiences from working and studying the statistical conditions of poverty and unemployment. 

Keith has dedicated himself to our mission. Keith has also worked with the local Urban League Chapter as their membership coordinator and is now the producer and host of Urban Community Action News (UCAN), a show created by him with public access television. 


UCAN is the product of Keith’s effort to establish fruitful communication with the local community, by utilizing the show to showcase those who are making a positive difference in their communities

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